RF Safety Applications


Tower with Antennas

Do you and your employees know which of these antennas presents a potential RF safety hazard?
Hint. It is not any of the microwave point-to-point antennas.
Read our article on RF safety training published in Above Ground Level (AGL) Magazine: "Safety Training for Workers in High-RF Environments."



Training experts universally concur that there is no substitute for live, interactive training when it is well-prepared and conducted by an instructor with a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. All RF Safety Solutions training is prepared and conducted by Richard Strickland, a recognized RF safety expert. Richard pioneered live training via the Internet in 2004 and has since conducted courses for numerous organizations using this approach. For most organizations, RF Safety LiveCast™ is the least expensive approach for training your personnel yet is very close to onsite training in terms of effectiveness. Students at various locations can be simultaneously trained and interact with the instructor and their fellow students. When questions are asked—which is a sure sign that the students are engaged and learning—Richard is fully capable of answering virtually any question on RF safety that might come up. Of course, the same semi-custom content can be delivered live on site when desired.

The training courses taught by RF Safety Solutions are not like the typical industry courses—canned courses taught by someone with a modest knowledge of the subject matter while reading from a script prepared by someone else. Students who are trained by Richard Strickland understand and can apply what they have learned to real-world situations that they may face in the future. Our customers often find that that they can schedule training every other year rather than annually because their personnel have truly learned and understand how to use their newfound knowledge in their everyday work environment.

Training Options

Customers now have three options for receiving the unique training provided by RF Safety Solutions:

  1. Semi-Custom LiveCast™ RF Safety Training: If you have six or more people to train, this is usually your best option. For groups of ten or more people, it will not only be the most effective training but also the least expensive training option available from any company. See course descriptions for details.

  1. On-Site RF Safety Training: Perhaps you would like a industry-recognized RF safety expert to teach a course at your conference or trade show—Richard Strickland has taught classes for NAB, NATE, IWCE, and NPR among others. Or your training needs involve learning how to make measurements.  On-site training is always an option. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  1. 3. Train-the-Trainer Training Program: Unlike other companies, there is no requirement to travel to learn to be a dedicated trainer. The approach is to teach a semi-custom LiveCast™ course and administer an exam. One or two of the students who take the course and pass the exam (a higher score is required than for the average student) can qualify to become a certified trainer. This option is open to students who meet two criteria: they must have a basic working knowledge of electronics, and they must have some experience training in other disciplines. Certified trainers receive all the training materials and the rights to use them for all employees and all subcontractors for a period of two years from the date of training. Contact us to discuss your requirements.